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"Papa Ben" So, owner of So Bakery in the Philippines was a renowned and respected baker in his hometown of Zambales. During the 1970's-1990's, Papa Ben owned and managed his family bakery and sold fresh bread, pastries and goods to all the towns people. Many would frequent his bakery and loved the smell of fresh, home made goods that were ready to eat. His daughter Leilani, a young girl at the time worked by his side and learned firsthand how to wrap and prepare fresh pastries.

It is in loving memory that we dedicate our shop to Papa Ben and the tradition he had started, many years ago. 


Papa's Polvoron is owned and operated by Jael and his wife, Leilani. They live in sunny San Diego with their furry and 4-legged baby, Bubba. With their love for polvoron and drive to carry on Papa Ben's legacy, it is with great inspiration and pleasure they continue the tradition that Papa Ben started. 


"Freshly home made, and individually prepared just for you." We hope you enjoy our polvoron as much as we do!     

- Jael, Leilani and Bubba